Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace faults government on corruption


The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) has challenged Malawians to wake up and pressure government to provide practical solutions on national issues that continue to torture the citizens.

The commission issued a statement yesterday titled: A Nation in Search of Redemption”.

CCJP has said government is only good at making promises which it does not provide practical solutions to. The religious body has since faulted government for giving little or no action on six national issues which include killings of people with albinism, continued plunder of public resources, inconsistent and lack of communication on the recent trip to the United Nations General Assembly (Unga) by President Peter Mutharika’s, compromised fight against corruption and increased cases of human trafficking and lack of intra-party democracy.


“As citizens, we are worried that there is no action on many things. We are calling on citizens to take action. We also call on parliamentarians to take to task government during the forthcoming sitting of Parliament,” said CCJP’s National Secretary, Martin Chiphwanya, at a news conference yesterday while flanked by the other eight CCJP diocesan secretaries.

“We note with great concern that despite having anti-corruption laws and the graft busting body, corruption is still the order of the day in the country. The war against corruption has been heavily compromised as ACB’s operational independence continues to be put into question.

“Our leaders too should demonstrate loyalty to Mother Malawi by not shielding anybody suspected of involvement in any corrupt syndicate,” he said.


Chiphwanya also said despite making personal commitment to fight against abductions and killings of persons with albinism, Mutharika and his government have achieved little in the fight as killings continue and despite having some cases in court, government investigation bodies like the National Intelligence Bureau have failed Malawians for not establishing markets where albinos are sold or stating where they are abducted to.

“Authorities need to start providing right answers to the questions Malawians have been asking and not just mere assurances. It is now time for action and not mere talk,” he said.

CCJP also tore into pieces government’s inconsistent and lack of communication on important matters referring to the recent Unga trip which prompted speculation on Mutharika’s health.

“We noted with dismay lack of coordination between State House Press Office and Ministry of Information. This fuelled serious speculation and panic at all levels in our society. We call upon the authorities to put in place an efficient communication system that will provide updates as and when they are needed,” Chiphwanya said.

The commission has also highlighted the continued looting of public resources in local councils and urged oversight bodies like the Financial Intelligence Unit and the Anti-Corruption Bureau to do their work in this regard.

It also expressed concern over an increase in cases of human trafficking urging stakeholders to help government in the prevention, protection of the crime, and prosecution of those involved.

On a positive note, the commission praises government for Treasury’s demand for expenditure reconciliations from ministries and government departments and active citizenry in exposing corruption.

“We believe that this is the surest way of restoring confidence from Malawi’s bilateral partners and the general citizenry,” said Chiphwanya.

Government Spokesperson, Malison Ndau, said he needed time to read the statement before commenting on it.

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