Caught in the mud



I found myself walking once again along Masauko Chipembere Highway in Blantyre. I usually walk alone as I enjoy the din and hustle of this historic city.

I pass Chicken Republic which is full of imbibers who seem oblivious of the sounds of the vehicles and the call boys. This Chicken Republic joint mesmerises me as it there appears to be two different worlds in existence.


I am hearing muffled voices too. I hear some chiefs speaking in parables, metarphors and figurative language. I hear some are shouting on top of the anthill contrary to the ethics and code of conduct of our ancient chiefs.


Yeah countryfolks, as I continue walking am reminded of one ancient folktale. This ancient one from the cradle of civilisation reminds me of what is going on in the land that flows with milk and honey. The motherland. There is a lot happening and it seems time is moving at a fast pace. One has to move with speed unlike in the days of old. In those days we could walk on this highway just observing a few vehicles. We could make our choice of the best car to own!


Yeah countryfolks, a lot of people now are after materialism. A lot of our people seem to lose their humanity for vanity.

The Cow

Yeah countryfolks, but today as I pass the High court in its majesty, I am hearing the ancient folktale of the Cow and the Leopard.

Once upon a time! Tilitonse, a fat Cow was grazing in the valley. All of a sudden a Leopard appealred. The Leopard started to chase the Cow. The Cow in shock, rushed into the pool to save its dear life. It got stick in the mud.

The Leopard in its excitement did the same. It got stuck in the mud too.

“I will eat you alive! Shouted, the Leopard. The cow tried to move but knew that it could not move further to safety. It only had its head above the mud.

“No you can’t! “ Replied the Cow. The Leopard then shouted saying,”’ You don’t know that am king of the jungle?’’

The Cow was not moved. ‘’Though you are the King of the jungle, look at yourself, you can’t save yourself in this mud!’’

The Leopard tried to pull out but to no avail. The Cow was just laughing.

“Why are you laughing? ‘’ Asked the Leopard.

“Though you are king of the jungle, you are failing to save yourself!’’ Mocked the cow.

The Leopard was furious. “What about you? Do you think you can save yourself?’’

The Cow laughed. ‘’I have my master. When sunset comes and he does not see me he will come to my rescue!’’


In no time at all it was sunset. The master followed the Cow. He found it stuck and did exactly what it had stated. The Cow was pulled out and the Leopard left stuck in the mud.

Ana inu kaphuleni mbatata! Yapselera!

Aluta continua…

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