CCAP General Assembly asks for patience on constitutional review


The CCAP General Assembly has called for patience as it reviews its constitution to, among others, lay down procedures for synods when they want to plant churches in different territories.

The delay to review the constitution has already been blamed for wrangles between Nkhoma and Livingstonia synods where both are planting churches in the other’s territory without following proper procedures.

The CCAP General Assembly looks after five synods thus three in Malawi, one in Lusaka in Zambia and another in Harare, Zimbabwe.


Nkhoma Synod Moderator Reverend Chatha Msangaambe recently blamed the General Assembly for delaying to review the constitution, arguing that his synod was failing to open branches in Livingstonia Synod unlike the Livingstonia Synod which was already planting its churches in its territory without waiting for the constitutional guidelines.

CCAP General Assembly General Secretary Reverend Colin M’bawa said in an interview with The Daily Times that the standing committee on the matter is currently reviewing the constitution and called for members’ patience. He said his committee is just one-year old and was in the process of familiarising itself with the office.

“Some of these border issues in the synods have stayed for over 40 years. We are new in the office. We need to learn more, especially the historical perspective, so that we understand the issues. Our Standing Committee is currently reviewing the constitution and we should not worry about the delay.


We cannot rush to complete a constitution that will be upheld by three synods within the county and Lusaka in Zambia and Harare in Zimbabwe,” said M’bawa.

He added: “We know that the delay to finish reviewing the constitution is taken as a scapegoat for others. But to be honest, we cannot rush to produce a not-well-cooked constitutional document. Can we do constitutional review within a short period of time looking at the issues that lasted over 40 years? Why can’t we all patiently wait and come up with a constitution that will govern all synods better?”

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