Cear hails engineers


The Central East African Railways (Cear) on Friday hailed its engineers for refurbishing one of its locomotives which was condemned for the scrapyard.

Cear Managing Director, Hendry Chimwaza, said the engineers have demonstrated that Malawi also has expertise which could effectively compete at a global level.

Chimwaza said, previously such rehabilitations were done by expatriates.


“Honestly, I am impressed by what the engineers have done. We have saved a lot of money in the rehabilitation of locomotive DE 504, “said Chimwaza.

He said the bouncing back of the locomotive will increase the number of locomotives the company has and it will enable Cear to haul more cargo.

Chimwaza said, the rehabilitated DE 504 has more power of 1,300 horsepower which is as good as new.


“With the improved power, we should be able to achieve fuel efficiency and save a lot of money on fuel. In addition, the locomotive has been tried and its braking system is perfect, ensuring maximum safety for passengers as well as cargo,” said Chimwaza.

Cear Chief Mechanical Engineer, David Kwenda, said the task of rehabilitating the DE 504 has taken his team four months.

He said the team plans to bring back four other locomotives from the deathbed.

“This would ensure that we have more locomotives as a company, ” said Kwenda.

As, a way of motivating the staff members who took part in resuscitating the DE 504, Cear has since decorated them with medals.

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