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Celebrating Easter and victory of the Cross

Words of Eternal Life

Easter is not a time for us to cry for Jesus but to celebrate the power of resurrection, life, salvation and redemption.

Short story: One very holy loving and prayerful woman had died in a village from a long sickness and people were gathered. Mourning and wailing begun. She was a lovely woman, who was very kind and supported many, especially the poor. Her funeral attracted people from all walks of life.

But when they were washing her dead body, one person said, “But she is warm!” They confirmed it but went on to dress her. They waited. The chief refused burial and waited. But on the third day, the chief commanded that she be buried.

The coffin was carried to the grave but as they put the coffin down, she opened her eyes and beat the coffin very hard. They opened it and there she was, healed, well and alive!!!

There was great jubilation in the whole graveyard and village with great ululation at her resuscitation!! The coffin was burnt and the grave covered. She was indeed confirmed healed and made whole!! All thanked God for answering their prayers.

Now, one day, the first-born daughter told her mum, “Mum, I will be celebrating your funeral annually. How you died. I will be organising professional weeping and I will hire mourners to imitate what happened, when you died. I will hang your coffin photo on the wall and show people how your dead body looked like, when you were sick and later, dead.

“I will make another ghost expensive coffin and take it to the church to remember you. People will gather, dressed in black clothes and carrying flowers and roses, just to respect you mum!”

How would you feel, if it were your daughter doing that?

Beloved Saints, is this not mockery? Is that normal? Which is the best celebration between her healing, recovery and her sickness and her death?

There was a nation that was doing that during Easter for the living Lord Jesus. Sorry to say that all who were leading the ceremony died mysteriously because it is the highest form of blasphemy as God cannot be mocked.

During the Holy Week, we celebrate life, victory, salvation, redemption and the dominion Jesus has given us over death. This is the highest gift of life God has given men. You don’t celebrate defeat, death and evil but victory and the great good.

On the Cross, beloved;

o Satan lost all his power and dominion (Luke 10:19, Revelations 1:18)

o Keys were snatched from the devil (Revelations1:18)

o Satan wasted his time, energy and resources, thinking he can kill his creator but, instead, he bound himself for good! Colossians 2: 14-15

o Satan was disarmed on the Cross. (Colossians 2:14-15).

o Dominion and power were taken away from Satan and given to men (Matthew 28:18-20). Satanism no longer has any power over you!

o All authority, in heaven and earth were given to Jesus and now, you.

You are sent in that power to go to the whole world to evangelise and make disciples in that power without the funeral celebration but in the resurrection power of Jesus!

May God find you ready for the rapture as you celebrate the forgiveness that we now enjoy after the finished work of Calvary.

The first statement of Jesus after He rose from the dead, was ‘Peace!’ May you enjoy peace of resurrection and victory of the Lord.

May God bless you as you continue to intercede and save the lost.

Love and prayers.

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