Chanco Got Talent finalist singing in Turkey

NAMATHANGA —I am a member of four bands

Kitson Strings Namathanga, one of the finalists in the Chanco Got Talent is continuing with his music exploits in Turkey.

Chanco Got Talent was spearheaded by University of Malawi – Chancellor College in Zomba in partnership with Times Group through Times Television.

Namathanga, who uses the name Strings in the music circles impressed the judges with his music during the Chanco Got Talent to get to the finals but failed to win the top prize.


The musician left the country in 2016 for Ankara, Turkey where he is pursuing further studies.

“I am a few months away from my masters graduation but apart from being a student here, I work as a musician. I am a member of four bands, three are based in Ankara and one is based in Belgium. I joined the Belgian band a few months ago as a guitarist,” he said.

Namathanga plays blues, reggae as well as Turkish music.


“There are two reggae bands I play for, I am also a member of an orchestra and this is where I play Turkish music. We play in weddings and other functions. We travel a lot and I have learnt a lot in terms of growing my music,” he said.

The artist then took time out to play a song titled ‘Celebrate Life’ dedicated to people back home as the world continues to battle Covid-19 pandemic.

“Life is full of ups and downs, so let’s smile, let us live life and celebrate life because you never know what tomorrow may bring. Now we are talking about Covid-19 pandemic, let’s stay safe and remember to celebrate life,” Namathanga said.

He said he was looking forward to doing more in music and that he is even looking forward to holding performances in the country.

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