Chaotic scenes in Bolero as six houses are burnt

VANDALISM—Some of the houses destroyed

There was chaos at Bolero Trading Centre in Rumphi Friday as some youths destroyed houses and property belonging to royal families of the newly-crowned Themba la Mathemba Chikulamayembe.

It is a continuation of the bad blood that has existed for a while now between the camp of Bongololo Gondwe, officially installed Themba la Mathemba Chikulamayembe last week, and that of Mtima Gondwe who claims to be rightful heir to the throne.

Spokespersons for Bongolo Gondwe camp, Chikalamba Gondwe and Mtima Gondwe camp, Hunga Gondwe, confirmed the chaos yesterday.


At least six houses are said to have been destroyed.

Reports allege that some youths suspected to be from the Bongololo camp destroyed houses belonging to families on Mtima Gondwe’s side in an act of revenge as some of their houses were also destroyed on Thursday.

However, the Bongololo camp spokesperson distanced subjects on their side from the damage.


The chaotic scenes also follow another incident on Thursday where some youths damaged vehicles on the convoy of Deputy Minister of Health Enoch Phale on his way back from Mwazisi where he was inspecting health facilities.

“We know that those that smashed the minister’s vehicle were some people from Mtima Gondwe camp, and they were deliberately sent because Mtima is failing to accept our king,” Gondwe said.

Hunga Gondwe, who is also a victim, said the youth are using vehicles to move around the area to beat up royal families that are against Bongololo Gondwe, destroy and steal property.

“Things are not ok here; our houses have been destroyed. Our property was stolen. There is chaos here,” he said.

Northern Region Police Public Relations Officer Maurice Chapola said Friday that they have deployed officers to calm the situation.

“We are on the ground and our situation is under control. We have hope that we will arrest many people,” Chapola said.

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