Cheats will be thrown into everlasting bonfire


So the whole week we have been singing that the Malawi Under-20 National Football Team squad that was called for camp training at Mpira Village in Blantyre, had over-aged players?

That was anticipated, considering our fascination with negativity, especially when it comes to football. But for once, I found this negativity fruitful and logical because all the culprits voluntarily left the camp.

It takes a man to confess his sins in public and Mark Fodya and Trevor Kalema have just done that.


I, therefore, do not take it for granted what Silver Strikers’ youthful defenders have done.

The two left voluntarily camp training at Mpira Village in Blantyre after confessing that they are over-aged.

Football Association of Malawi (Fam) Technical Director, John Kaputa, told our sister paper, The Daily Times, this week that the two players approached him and offered to leave camp.


Fam has been under intense pressure from social media, the most preferred interactive platform for this generation where even fools can look wise, for including over-aged players in the squad currently undergoing training at Mpira Village.

It is not in my interest to attack the players for deliberately reporting for the Under-20 camp when they knew they were over-aged, but still I have to knock some sense into their heads.

It is a sin to lie, my Sunday School teacher George Nsandu taught me. He even taught us how liars would be thrown into an everlasting bonfire on Judgment Day. I still cherish those teachings.

Fodya and colleagues must always believe in the truth because it is only the truth that shall set them free. Possibly, they need to be told the brutality of this game, which Brazilian legend Pele christened as beautiful, it does not spare cheats.

The shame of all this is that Fodya was also turned back last year on the same grounds and this year, he took matters into his own hands by giving it another try.

It is absolutely ridiculous to blame Fam alone on this mess. The players and their clubs should also squarely shoulder the blame. Against this background, it is easier to tell why Malawi football has stagnated.

There is need for those responsible to put in place proper mechanisms for checking the ages of these payers before they are called for camp training.

After all, it is easier to trace their records from their respective schools, but certainly not their clubs because they are also full of officials who are cheats. Using the ages indicated on their passports is counterproductive.

Fam, through Technical Director, as a custodian of these teams, need to be vigilant when calling players for camping. Otherwise, age cheating scandal at international tournaments can be embarrassing.

Ask Zambians, they can testify.

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