Chic end to 10 Days of Malawian art expo

FINEST—Ziwaoh at work

The 10 Days of Malawian Art Contemporary Art Exhibition ended on a livelier note at Latitude 13 in Lilongwe on Sunday when five artists namely Madalitso Ziwaoh, George Mkumbula, James Tambula, Charles Levison and Andrew Missi painted live.

It is not easy to paint live and, for some artists, there is a need for total concentration but the five armed with their paints, brushes and canvases, among other tools, outstandingly executed the assignment producing eye-catching works.

The live painting exercise came barely a day after visual artists engaged in discussions with stakeholders including the government on lack of support to visual art and the creative industry in general.


About 15 artists participated in the 10 Days of Malawian Art Contemporary Art Exhibition which has seen them selling their paintings and also attracting business.

Ziwaoh—a self-taught artist based in Balaka District who specialises in portraits, landscapes, abstracts, wildlife, mural paintings and signage— said he enjoyed the live painting.

“This is what I do and it felt good doing live painting especially being the last day. As artists, we are looking for these opportunities,” Ziwaoh, who has exhibited in many festivals, said.


Latitude 13 General Manager Ronald Stilting said the commitment to Malawi and its society in all its aspects is part of the core values of Latitude 13.

“We engage in a wide range of activities supporting the vulnerable in society and culture, use local products and build capacity in the hospitality industry and beyond,” Stilting said.

He said, as part of their strategy to promote the fascinating contemporary art of Malawi, they decided to organise the contemporary art exhibition which opened on July 9.

“It’s been an exciting time appreciating the works of more than 15 artists who showcased close to 90 paintings and some sculptures in public areas and gardens of Latitude 13,” Stilting said.

He also said, in the coming months, Latitude 13 will also organise events to showcase the traditional culture, arts and crafts and performing art.

“We will also continue to use and showcase local products and work together with the local producers with their interesting stories, thus marketing Malawi as a fascinating country with great potential that deserves more attention,” Stilting said.

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife Michael Usi said, during the opening on July 9, that his ministry will continue to put in place systems and initiatives which will help grow the creative industry.

In terms of long-term policy direction for creative industry, Usi said the ministry is guided by the Malawi 2063 Policy document.

“Under Malawi 2063; the arts, and heritage have been recognised as one of the enablers to drive tourism and indeed create wealth,” Usi said.

Other artists who exhibited at the exposition include Eve Chisambiro, Peter Masina, Nyangu Chodola and Jimmy Malinga.

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