Chief Gomani urges unity in development


Paramount Chief Gomani V has said lack of coordination among councillors, parliamentarians and chiefs when it comes to using funds is negatively impacting on implementation of development projects in the country.

Gomani said Constituency Development Fund (CDF), Local Development Fund (LDF) and District Development Fund (DDF) are meant for development which should benefit the people and should not cause confusion among duty-bearers.

“Duty-bearers have a responsibility to ensure that rights holders fully benefit from development funds and, therefore, accountability, transparency and responsiveness should always be in the fore in project implementation,” Gomani said.


He also said nobody should have the monopoly of funds meant for development as that would create room for possible fraud and corruption.

Ntcheu District Commissioner, Harry Phiri, said there were some knowledge gaps in the working relationship among councillors, parliamentarians and chiefs, hence they engaged the National Initiative for Civic Education (Nice) Trust to provide training to duty-bearers.

“Our councillors, members of Parliament and chiefs should know what exactly they are supposed to do in the implementation of development projects without getting into each other’s way,” Phiri said.


He said duty-bearers should be conversant with Local Government procedures and budgeting issues so that they contribute knowledgeably and effectively in development of their respective areas.

Ntcheu District Nice Trust Civic Education Manager, Alinafe Chikakuda, said conception and uniformity in delivery of development is crucial in handling of different funds available for development.

“Gender mainstreaming is vital in development as you can see there are no women chief, no women councillors or women parliamentarians in the whole of Ntcheu and so issues of women lack representation here,” Chikakuda said.

She said development should be gender sensitive, accountable, transparent as well as responsive to address holistic aspirations of the people.

Nice Trust conducted the two-day training with funding from the Royal Norwegian Agency through Women Legal Resource (Wolrec).

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