Chief Lundu spoils T/A Kabudula’s funeral


Paramount Chief Lundu of Chikwawa was Wednesday booed when he turned a burial ceremony of Senior Chief Kabudula of Lilongwe into a political platform.

Lundu, who was speaking on behalf of Chewa Chiefs in Malawi, surprised the gathering when he included both political praises and insults in his eulogy.

After thanking President Peter Mutharika for attending the ceremony and supporting the family during the late Kabudula’s illness, Lundu declared Mutharika the winner for 2019 presidential election.


He said whether some people like it or not, some chiefs in the country will never relent in their support for Mutharika and his government.

“If we are in the Office of the President and Cabinet why should some people question our loyalty? And some of you Chiefs you are here but in the evening you are somewhere. We see you but know that government is government. This government is supposed to be there up to 2019 but with the deeds of this boss [Mutharika], it is two terms for him,” Lundu said.

His statement attracted some murmuring and booing among some people who attended the ceremony but Lundu went on to attack the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP).


“MCP moved out of government sometime back and I don’t think you will come back…Mr President, there is somebody who calls himself Malawi Congress Party President here,” he said as people jeered him.

He was referring to MCP President and Leader of Opposition, Lazarus Chakwera, whose attendance was not recognised in any of the salutations.

At this point, the traditional leader attracted more noise and booing from some people and some of them made angry movements in their respective standing and sitting points sending police officers into defensive positions.

Some Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) officials including its Secretary General, Greizedar Jeffrey moved from her seat, placed a piece of paper into Lundu’s hand and whispered.

Earlier, Traditional Authority Masumbankhunda, who spoke on behalf of the family, described the late Kabudula as a pillar that the family and all people in the area have lost.

Speaking on behalf of Mutharika, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President for Central Region, Hetherwick Ntaba said the country has lost a leader who wanted development for Malawi.

Ntaba advised the family not to depend on the courts in terms of succession saying courts do not have solutions to chieftaincy issues.

Kabudula, who has been buried at his Ndamera Headquarters, was born on March 3 1948, became a T/A in 1998 and was promoted to Senior Chief in March 2016.

He is survived by 13 children and 24 grandchildren.

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