Chief Mabuka caught up in chieftaincy wrangle


Senior Chief Mabuka of Mulanje District has unilaterally scraped off Chinyama Chieftaincy in order to install his nephew Landford Thungo as Sub-Traditional Authority Thomondiya in the area, a move that has culminated into a bitter wrangle.

Senior Chief Mabuka’s clerk Peter Kanyezi Phiri confirmed the installation of the TA’s nephew backing it as a hereditary position.

However, the District Commissioner for Mulanje, Fred Movete, contradicted the T/A’s clerk by saying the decision to oust Chinyama has not been made but disclosed that the process to promote Thungo to Sub T/A Thomondiya started in 2012.


“I can confirm that I received a complaint from Senior Chief Mabuka about an insubordination case against GVH Chinyama and we are investigating it to establish the facts and recommend appropriate action to the Ministry,” said Movete.

Movete refused to answer when asked to draw the chronological order of events as to what started between the insubordination allegation and the installation of Sub T/A Thomondiya in GVH Chinyama’s area.

But The Daily Times has established that the matter at hand started in 2012 when former president Joyce Banda requested TA Mabuka to send a list of Group Village Heads for promotion to the next position of Sub TA.


The likely GVH to be promoted was GVH Chinyama who has under him three GVHs and other village heads that all add up to 19 in addition to having an area development committee that according to the local government structure falls under T/A or Sub T/A.

However, Senior Chief Mabuka recommended Thungo to the Ministry under a chieftaincy title of Group Village Head Thombondiya that does not exist in the district, who consequently was promoted to the position of Sub TA Thombondiya.

Things have gone haywire now that TA Mubuka has nowhere to place Sub T/A Thombondiya in the district than to push him to Chinyama area.

Confidential source from Mulanje District Commissioner’s Office indicate that the T/A did instruct Movete to scrap off Chinyama from the list of chiefs in the district and he has not received his July honoraria.

However, the ministry of local government through its publicist Muhlabase Mughoghgo demanded a questionnaire when asked if it was normal for any senior chief to scrap off any established institution of chieftaincy willy-nilly. Mughogho is yet to respond to our questionnaire, a week after we sent it.

Meanwhile, Group Village Head Chinyama has engaged the services of lawyer Luciano Mickeus to save his chieftaincy.

Chinyama is one of oldest chieftaincies in the district where early missionaries founded the Chinyama Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The ch ieftaincy encompasses villages like Chabwera, Matewere, Chikandwe, Gulumba, Ntata, James, Masepula, Mwera, Nyangayathyoka, Mandula, Fuluma, Chimtengo, Njema, Misomali, Nakwakwa and Muluvala.

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