Chikwawa people rebuff MP, join MCP


Executive Committee Members of Chikwawa Central Constituency who were working with the area’s parliamentarian, Zaheer Gaffar Issa, have refuted reports that they have joined ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Gaffar Issa told a DPP rally in the district on Saturday that he has joined the party with his entire executive committee.

But addressing journalists on Sunday, 32 Chikwawa Central Constituency Executive Committee members said they have joined opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP).


Hassan Fatch, who was Issa’s Constituency Governor, said they were not consulted on their parliamentarian’s decision to join DPP.

“Honourable Issa has not joined DPP with his constituency committee. The committee he was referring to is here. MCP under the leadership of Lazarus Chakwera and Sidik Mia is the only hope for Malawians as the country draws closer to the 2019 tripartite elections,” he said.

Fatch said it was unfortunate that Issa has joined DPP for his personal gains while all his constituents are suffering.


“The economy is not doing well while corruption is on the rise. Hospitals do not have medicines and there are so many challenges which the people are facing on daily basis. We are supporting Malawi Congress Party so that things should change come 2019,” he said.

MCP Regional Chairman for the South, Peter Simbi, said MCP has an open-door policy for all good willing Malawians to join.

He said MCP is gaining ground in the region and it is obvious that the party will emerge victorious in 2019.

“The party is growing by the day and my first target is the Nsanje Lalanje Constituency during the forthcoming by-elections,” he said.

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