Chilima hails Usi, Mia for alliance ‘sacrifice’


UTM president and Tonse Alliance running mate, Saulos Chilima, Sunday praised his party’s and Malawi Congress Party (MCP)’s vice-presidents Michael Usi and Sidik Mia, respectively, for stepping aside to pave the way for the alliance.

Mia and Usi were MCP’s president Lazarus Chakwera and Chilima’s running mates in last year’s elections.

Addressing a rally at Likuni in Lilongwe, Chilima called Usi and Mia on stage and saluted them for relinquishing their positions for the alliance to work.


“Some people are pointing at me and say I have made a sacrifice, but no; Dr Usi and Honourable Mia are the most humble people in Malawi. These are the people who have made the biggest sacrifice for this alliance to work,” he said.

Chilima then urged Malawians to vote for Tonse Alliance as revenge to the political violence that is apparently being perpetrated against its members.

He spoke against the violence and urged members of the alliance not to hit back when provoked, saying they should do that at the ballot.


Chilima also reiterated that the Tonse Alliance will offer cheap fertiliser at K4,495 per 50 kilogramme bag in addition to giving Malawians “the much needed jobs”.

“It is a shame that in this day and age, some people are sleeping on empty stomachs. We want Malawians to enjoy three meals a day. People should have one or two meals a day by choice,” he said.

The Tonse Alliance running mate also urged the people of Lilongwe to vote in their large numbers and guard against vote rigging.

MCP Secretary-General, Eisenhower Mkaka, said the alliance brings together all Malawians in a political setup that he said everyone has been looking for for years while his UTM counterpart, Patricia Kaliati, said the alliance will endeavour to improve farming in the country by ensuring that farmers get the best prices for their produce.

Citizen for Transformation leader, Timothy Mtambo, who also spoke at the rally, charged that no one will stop Chakwera and Chilima from ascending to power at the fresh election.

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