Chilima urges church to preach without fear


By Mathews Kasanda 

Vice President Saulos Chilima has urged church community to be preaching without fear and be able to condemn whenever things have gone wrong.

He made the remarks in Mchinji yesterday at the ceremony of official opening of St Paul’s Catholic Parish which was presided over by Archbishop Tarsizio Ziyaye of Lilongwe Diocese of Catholic Church.


Chilima, however, stressed that those preaching should ensure they are preaching true gospel.

“Don’t preach without fear while not telling the truth but preach the truth without fear,” Chilima said.

He also urged people in the country to work hard, mostly in their fields, during the rainy season and utilise Affordable Inputs Programme.


In his sermon before Chilima’s speech, Ziyaye spoke against legalising abortion, indicating that such an act is against the word of God which does not allow any person to take away another person’s life.

Ziyaye said Christians have to pray against the move because life is sacred.

“This is one of the commandments of God; you shall not kill. So to kill the unborn is a sin and the word of God today said he who destroys human life – the temple of God – God will also destroy them,” he said.

He added that he acknowledges that there are complications that some women face during pregnancy but there should be means of addressing complications but not abortion.

Apart from presenting his gifts to the newly opened parish, Chilima also presented a K1 million gift from President Lazarus Chakwera.

The church has over 3,800 members and previously it has been an outstation under Kachebere Parish in the district.

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