Chimalizenis ready to launch ‘Taonani Adza’


By Steve Chiwaya:

The Chimalizeni couple, of Innocent and Sella, is set to drop Taonani Adza album at Gulliver Area 49 Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church in Lilongwe on Sunday.

Having done music together since 2018, when each of them had solo projects, the Chimalizenis said they felt that time was right to churn out an album.


“We are dropping our first album as a couple. The journey started way back in Blantyre, Chirimba to be specific, in 2017 when we decided that we could work on Taonani Adza. We did this when we studied Daniel 12 verses 1 to 4 and Leviticus 1 verse 7. We look forward to his appearing in the clouds and that is the core message in our songs. We want to warn people to prepare for Jesus Christ’s coming.

“We are preaching the second coming of Jesus Christ through music. We, as a couple, thought that, by doing music together, we could reach out to people and tell them about the good news of Jesus christ,” Chimalizeni said.

The couple has, in the past, been invited to perform in SDA Churches within Lilongwe.


Some of the promotion songs released prior to the launch include ‘Tidikilira’, ‘Tisamukaikire’, ’Tsiku Lobwera Yesu’ and the title track ‘Taonani Adza’.

“However, since most of the instruments used are string instruments, we corroborate with friends from New Apostolic Church to back us on instruments on different occasions,” Chimalizeni said.

The album has 12 songs, all in Chichewa, which Robert Nelo recorded at Polyvibe Studios in Ndirande, Blantyre.

Patrons will witness the launch free-of-charge.

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