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Chinese man ‘on the run’

OFFICE?— The house Shu shu was operating from


It has emerged that China national Lu Ke, commonly known as Shu Shu— who was exposed for exploiting children in Njewa area, Lilongwe, through videos— has not been to the community since Friday last week.

Village Headman Nyambo’s subjects told The Daily Times that Shu Shu has been operating in the area for four years and that authorities in the area are fully aware of his existence.

When we visited the area, one of the villagers who stayed closer to the house which Shu Shu has been operating from, Saidi Hamuza, said he was targeting children, women and men, who were being paid a maximum of K500.

“Even me, I have performed [for him] before. Then, he started targeting children. He last taught the children on Thursday last week and, on Friday, he only came to collect his materials and said he would come back soon,” he said.

Hamuza said men were being told to put off their clothes and perform martial arts at a fee of K500 while women were performing dances, with others shaking their chests and getting paid K200.

“Everyone knows him including the village headman. He was coming here every day. When he first came, he said he had all necessary documents and approval from the government. At one point, some police officers came to our area and left. That is why we did not bother to follow up on him,” he said.

He said Shu Shu has never slept in the area but his daily presence forced many children out of school so that they could concentrate on his activities.

One of the women Tiferanji Black from Village Headman Kamkuzi’s area, said poverty pushed many people, especially women, to succumb to his demands just to take care of their immediate needs.

“He could call us ‘Madam!’ and many women would come and perform however he wanted and we were getting paid K100. We were willing to do such things just to get the money,” she said

Residents of the area said Shu Shu was giving out snacks, clothes and other food necessities on top of the cash.

They were shocked when they learnt that the language used was demeaning black people including themselves.

Village Headman Nyambo said authorities at the Social Welfare office had cleared Shu Shu to play with children, hence their support.

Nyambo further said he welcomed the China national as, through his activities, he seemed to be assisting orphans, who were struggling to access food.

“He was only supporting most of the underprivileged children. We, as a community, were not benefiting from him, in terms of development. Even chiefs did not benefit from his activities,” he said.

Traditional Authority Njewa professed ignorance on the matter and promised to follow up with other chiefs suspected to be involved in the matter.

“I am not aware of anything; I, as a leader, expect one to come through our office before operating in our area so that we should know better what he or she wants to do and for how long,” she said

Social welfare Officer at Lilongwe District Council Jean Nthengwe asked for more time to come to the bottom of the issue.

On Monday, the Malawi Police Service said it had launched an investigation into the matter.

Revelations of the China national’s exploitative acts have angered many Malawians, who have asked the government and the Chinese government to act swiftly on the matter.

British Broadcasting Station (BBC) ‘Africa Eye’ investigation exposed the China national’s activities and reported that the man was shooting 380 videos a day and was earning K77 million while paying the children less than one United States Dollar.

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