Chinunda must leave netball in peace


It is high time Netball Association of Malawi (Nam) came to its senses and started administering the prestigious game in a professional way.

This is an organisation which is inconsistent with its decisions. Two weeks ago, Nam made changes in the Malawi Queens coaching panel after demoting Mary Waya to an assistant role while Peace Chawinga was appointed head coach.

A week later, we are told that the contracts have been nullified and that the two have been appointed on a temporal basis after council questioned the procedures used to appoint them. Hopefully, our mothers know the implication of unilaterally nullifying an already signed contract.


Apart from the appointment procedure, the composition of the coaching panel, with Mary Waya reporting to Peace Chawinga, is a catalyst for disaster. It should either be Mary or Peace for the sake of harmony in the team.

There is all that rot transpiring from Malawi netball ahead of the two crucial assignments; Diamond Challenge in South Africa and also Africa Netball Championship in Namibia.

All this confusion confirms the chaos that is in Nam. I would say it without fear of contradiction that the organisation lacks sound leadership and it is a big shame.


Most of the decisions are made on trial basis which is not good for any organisation. But that is the problem when you have a president who has overstayed in a position and has completely lost direction like the missing MH 370 aircraft in the Atlantic Ocean.

There is need for Nam to change its leadership otherwise the organisation has become a laughing stock. Shame is in abundance and there is need for total revolution if Malawi netball is to register success.

There is need to elect people who have the guts and guile to steer the game of netball into the acme of society.

Chinunda must accept that with her level of structures, organisation, and perhaps basic administrative competence, Malawi netball will have a great deal of trouble catching up with the rest of the world.

Chinunda and her committee, has had their fair share of time in spotlight, of course for all the wrong reasons. There can only be one conclusion: Chinunda and her bedfellows must urgently step down. They have wasted plenty of our precious time and resources on decision that are not plausible.

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