Chitipa’s Tithakupewa Music Project releases Covid-19 track


With several artists in the country taking up a lead role in bringing awareness to the masses on Coronavirus (Covid-19) through among others, poetry and music, a Chitipa-based grouping known as Tithakupewa Music Project has released a Covid -19 prevention song.

One of the members of Tithakupewa Music Project, Mike Sikwese, said Tuesday that they thought of producing the song to bring awareness to people in Chitipa District as well as the whole country.

“If you go around, you will notice that there is still more to be done especially in sensitising people about Covid-19. Messages have to come from all the angles and the creative industry is key in all this. As a group, we have been using talent to disseminate important messages out there and we thought we should do the same with the pandemic,” Sikwese said.


The track has seen several artists, who are members of Tithakupewa Music Project collaborating.

“As artists we reach out to more people and this is why we worked on the song. There are people in the rural areas, who still do not know the pandemic and so it’s our duty to make them aware. If we are to fight the pandemic, then we have to work in unity,” Sikwese said.

Sikwese said it was important for them to add to the several messages and songs that have come out to talk about preventative measures.


“The song is about how we can prevent Covid-19 and the message was basically given by the Ministry of Health through its health promotion office of our Chitipa District,” he said.

He said the song was recorded at KD Records in Chitipa by Ploclaim.

Sikwese said Tithakupewa Music Project started in 2016 with the aim of using music and other talents to tackle various issues affecting the country.

“We have worked on music speaking volumes of HIV/Aids and other diseases. Now we are talking about Covid- 19. As artists, we are not only there to entertain but we are there to educate as well. Fellow Malawians, coronavirus is real, please wash hands frequently with soap or alcohol-based hand rubs and water, avoid touching your face, keep social distance and practice respiratory hygiene,” he said.

Other artists, who have released Covid-19 songs include Piksy, Ishmael Katawala and Alfred Kanonji, Jack Ndenje and Farai Chazima Soko.

There are also poets, who have released poems on the pandemic and they include Joseph Madzedze.

Meanwhile South Africa-based musician Wendy Harawa, has said artists need to be utilised fully to disseminate messages about the pandemic.

Harawa said artists reach out to more people and that since most of them are not holding live performances at the moment due to a ban on gatherings, the government, the corporate world and well-wishers have to use them.

She said through such projects artists would generate income to sustain themselves in the absence of live performances.

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