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Chiumia has herself to blame


Minister of Civic Education, Grace Chiumia, must not be blaming some illusory enemies within her party, the Democratic Progressive Party.

We said it sometime back that Chiumia has a tendency of making some rush statements that have the potential to get her and everyone around her in trouble.

Once upon a time, Chiumia, without an ounce of shame, had the temerity to tell some female students to embrace some iconic names if at all they are to be successful. She cited her own tapping of former US president’ surname Barack Obama as a motivation factor.


The other time, the same “Obama”— for that is the name she loves to be called—shocked the nation when she told President Peter Mutharika that there are plans to make him life president.

Chiumia is not new to the world of controversy and now that she knows she has blundered again, she must not come out crying that someone hates her and is out to destroy her political career.

To say without sugarcoating matters, Chiumia has no one to blame for the careless statement she made that the Cabinet was against the idea of tabling the contentious six Electoral Reforms Amendment Bills in Parliament. Of course, the government has been reluctant to table the bills, but we think Chiumia’s statement was unsanctioned and that is what exactly got her into trouble.


Actually, the statement that Chiumia just made in this edition that there are some people who are scheming to see her downfall also tells you how quick she is to make pronouncement before thorough thinking through them.

Ours is just some humble advice to Chiumia that her position as minister demands some decency and decorum and that before she speaks, she must know that people take her word seriously. Chiumia might decide to ignore our advice and that might be the start of her whirling into political quicksand, and it will be fast.

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