Choices we make matter


By Patrick Achitabwino:

One of Britain’s most prolific authors, speakers and trainers Patrick M. Powers reminds us: “We are all born with virtually unlimited potential. We all have 86,400 seconds a day. Where you end up in life is not determined by where you start.

“It is what you choose to do with the seconds you have – it is what you choose with your potential that shapes your destiny… It is only two things that can create your dreams, your choices and your commitment to those choices.”


Make choices that will move you forward. Above all, choose to take responsibility. Do not waste your time blaming others. Own the problems that you encounter in life and become the solution. Learn to give; learn to be of value to others.

Business motivational speaker Tony Dovale was right when he said that if you do not give out, your hands are filled, then you have no more space for more new things. Your talent, your intelligence is meant to make life better for others.

Ethiopian runner Abebe Bekele did not complain about the unavailability of the size of his shoes. He ran barefoot at the Olympics and eventually won the gold medal.


Achievers do not complain and they look at obstacles as opportunities to be conquered. They deny being part of the problem by becoming a solution.

We fail because we concentrate on what we do not have. It is what we have that makes us move forward. William Kamwamba had the passion and drive to build a windmill. He did not concentrate on the unavailability of materials.

When you have passion and dedication, all things fall in place. No wonder Kamkwamba used rudimentary products.

A person without arms won in a ‘China has Talent’ contest by playing a piano with toes. He challenged the expected mode: playing piano with hands.

A Korean, who had grown up in toilets and was a seller of gum and sweets on the street, amazed the audience with his voice at the ‘Korea has Talent’. Stop complaining, you have greatness within you.

It is appropriate that you have an open mind. Minds are like parachutes, they only function when they are open. Challenge your thinking, challenge your environment, and do not be satisfied.

Les Brown says: “If you have a dream, be obsessed with it. If you are obsessed with your dream, you do not even look at any obstacles standing on your way. If you are obsessed with a dream you stop everything and concentrate on the dream. If you are obsessed with a dream, you do the unthinkable, the crazy things that could lead to the realisation of the dream.”

It was the power of obsession that saw Phellipe Petit walk on the rope between the twin towers of the world trade centre in New York on August 7, 1974. It was their obsession with flying that the Wright brothers made an aeroplane.

In life, choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice. Happiness is not a privilege for the rich. Anybody can be happy if only they wish to be. Cherish the small things you have.

We all start small and over time, become big. Above all, have a positive mentality and feed it with positive thoughts. Positive thoughts induce a positive character, thus oiling the wheels of your courage to succeed. People that have positive character do not give up.

The secret to happiness is to start your day on a positive note. Every morning when you wake up, read a motivation quote, or read a scripture that will reinforce positivity in you.

A better start drives you forward with confidence. If you start your day with newspapers and television news, you are at risk of having a bad day. Every day, media headlines are negative. Media headlines will give you the feeling as if life is all about wars, failures, retrogression and hyperinflation.

The more that sinks in your mind, the more the batteries that power you forward lose their energy. The media pays little attention to progression; the media feeds your mind with dosages and dosages of conflicts such that it appears as if there is nothing good happening in the world. In life, you need a positive orientation to move forward.

What you watch matters, what you listen to matters. Our opinions are shaped most by what we watch and what we listen to. Choose to watch things that will challenge you to move forward. Choose to listen to stories of achievers and then you will get inspired. Remember, it is the choices we make that matter in life.

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