Chris Kele turns to gospel jazz


The country’s South Africa-based jazz musician Chris Kele has changed his focus as he is now into gospel jazz.

Kele confirmed the move yesterday and revealed that he has a pre-launch of his album titled Movements on April 6 2018 at DFC Church Auditorium in Johannesburg.

“This event will be shot live and I will be performing with my crew – Chris Kele and The Africulture Band,” Kele said.


He said he is doing gospel jazz but was quick to point out that it is not complicated and that he has simplified his jazz to accommodate all people.

“I am more into worshipping in a jazz style now. My Movements album has nine songs which I recorded at my Blue Arta Studios. I worked with several musicians and Thandoe is one of them. She is a female singer playing backing vocals in most of the songs,” Kele said.

He said Movements has taken him time to put together and that he had to adjust and change a lot of things.


“I should launch the album at home as well and those plans are there. God has been great to my life and by looking at where I am coming from, I really have to worship and praise him with all my heart,” the former Acacias Band member said.

Some of the songs in the gospel jazz album include ‘Alpha And Omega’, ‘You Are Here’, ‘Zamoyo’, ‘Mwana Wa Chauta’and ‘Phindu Khulume.’

His previous albums are Now Africa and Ulendo.

In Acacias Band, Kele starred with such names as Erik Paliani, Ben Mankhamba, Peter Malata, Henry Sibili and Sam Katimba before forming his own outfit Jazz Image Band.

Kele introduced Four Seasons Jazz sessions before he left for South Africa.

He said his Africulture Band is made up of bassist Phazimane Mangeshe from South Africa, pianist Thulanie Ngondo from South Africa, drummer Lulu Mlungisi from South Africa, percussionist Mosoeu Katlele from South Africa, alto saxophonist Baptist Gabriel from Nigeria, tenor saxophonist Nickson Mtiyesanji from Malawi and Thandoe from Zimbabwe.

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