Christopher Ngwira welcomes Uladi Mussa’s appointment


Beleaguered People’s Party (PP) chairperson for the Northern Province, Christopher Mzomera Ngwira, has described the appointment of Vice President responsible for Political Affairs, Uladi Mussa, as party interim leader as a solution to the leadership crisis that resulted in his sacking.

Mussa is the one who signed the letter that announced Ngwira’s firing from provincial leadership for allegedly making pronouncements that were perceived to be denouncing and demeaning the party leadership.

Ngwira had been agitating for the appointment of an interim leader in the absence of Joyce Banda, a development that did not please the party’s National Executive Committee (Nec).


In his ill-fated fight, Ngwira endorsed former vice-president Khumbo Kachali as the right person to lead PP.

In an interview on Sunday, Ngwira said what he was fighting for was interim leadership within the party and Kachali was just one of the people that he proposed for that role.

According to Ngwira, in his various statements on the issue, he even mentioned Mussa’s name but journalists chose to pick and speak more of Kachali.


“Only that the problem with you journalists is that you could just pick one person, and you just picked one name. I was mentioning the name of Khumbo Kachali as well as Uladi Mussa. I was mentioning the name of Kachali just because he is a person I know very well in Malawi and has performed in politics. But the main issue was leadership. We were lacking the leadership.

“I am just congratulating her Excellency Dr Joyce Banda for coming to our rescue. Indeed she has given us a leader and we will give support to this leader so that our party should be strong from the grassroots and we expect to see change within our party set-up,” Ngwira said.

He said he is not worried or angered for being fired during the fight that has finally seen some action within the party leadership.

“What I deserve is what Dr Joyce Banda has done. I wanted a leadership and Dr Banda has given us that leadership. It doesn’t matter who has been given that leadership,” he said.

Ngwira then advised Mussa to endure the challenges that come with leadership, saying every position has challenges.

“Now we have the leader and my word to him is; let him love all the supporters at the grass-root level and should listen to the supporters at the grass-root. He should also love to accommodate those with different views, who would come in his office to oppose or maybe to offer advice. He should not take them as enemies. In so doing, we will take the party to the higher level,” he said.

PP Secretariat mid last year also fired Ngwira, who is a Member of Parliament for Mzimba Hora, over a similar endorsement but Banda reversed the decision.

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