Church on a tablet


The notion that the Bible on a tablet or a smartphone is not holly because there are other apps on the device that are not religious may be strange but has a lot of its following.

I find it odd that the same people gladly tune to God channel on Gotv or DStv to listen to TB Joshua or TD Jakes yet there are Nollyhood films inflated with African folktale that is riddled with so much witchcraft on the same bouquet.

And Hollywood, whose films are sometimes not holly but infiltrated with sex appeal is part of the package. I will leave you to judge Bollywood which is also part of the mix.


There are two important issues here. It is either some believers are being two faced or that there is an emerging market for tablets holly enough for some faithful.

Thankfully, the computer market is a fast-passed environment and already such tablets are already available. I had the privilege to play around with one and all I can say is that it is an entire church on a tablet.

To begin with the bible is in King James Version. This is because that church loves King James translation. After all, the popular Chichewa bible is a Kings James direct translation.


Most churches have own creeds; after all that is what makes the churches different from one another. Most of these beliefs are documented. This particular tablet packages all the beliefs for that church.

There are also precious sermons in text, audio and video formats.

I liked one feature on the text format called read-along. The text shows on the screen as the audio plays.

There is an illustrated history of the church. This is important for the new members who may wish to know the origins of the church.

Most of these are like the constitution of Malawi, a living document that changes because of prevailing circumstances. Once the documents are revised, the changes are downloaded through an updated whenever a Wi-Fi internet connection is available. One updated tablet can update another which is not.

Here is the catch; you can’t install any app like WhatsApp or Facebook on this tablet. The tablet is only linked to the servers for the church for updates.

There was one item missing though, the hymn book for that church. I love the poetry in hymn books and the history behind songs always amazes me.

All I am trying to say is that companies like Samsung, are willing to jettison the ‘unholy’ pieces of software to tap on the emerging tablet market.

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