Citadel of evil


Oh, and no ship that’s not crewed

by the damned and captained by a man

so evil that Hell itself spat him back…


—Pirates of the Caribbean—

Let us not mince words. If at all Malawi has inadvertently legally registered a terrorist group that thrives on heinous deeds then it is the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

From its genesis, the DPP has been nothing but a grouping of crooks. We do not need a rehash of history that the DPP was formed in a way that easily defines deeds of dishonest men. To get to power in 2005, or thereabouts, the DPP used the backdoor when its leader, the fallen Bingu wa Mutharika, sold United Democratic Front (UDF) a dummy to form the DPP after he had won on UDF’s ticket with a rigorous campaign by Bakili Muluzi.


So, deceit in DPP is not at all a sin. That is why I am not surprised by what people think are startling revelations of the grand loot and economic genocide the DPP reigned on the country. Perhaps you have just arrived in town, the past week there have been revelations about some shady deals some top notch officials of the DPP had been involved in.

For instance, former president Peter Mutharika’s security aide, Norman Chisale spent some days in the cooler on fraud charges after he was implicated in various acts of plunder. It is, of course, mind-boggling that a briefcase carrying bodyguard with a salary not that much would afford all the wealth he accrued. A fleet of fuel guzzlers, mansions dotted all over the country, some plush cottages and hotels, all in five years.

And his wife, who happened to be a senior police officer, too, was shoved in jail for allegedly being involved in the gruesome murder of Buleya Lule in what many suspect was a scheme to hide evidence in the murder of a person with albinism.

And there is this Escom fuel scam where one Muchanakhwayi Mpuluka, who is not even an employee of Escom but a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a tribal grouping called Mulhakho wa Alhomwe to which Mutharika belongs, would go and draw hundreds of litres of fuel worth millions in a day with duplicity of names. What rot this is?

It really hurts that these people thought we are a nation of zombies and that they can do anything while we are in a trance. That, to me, is the greatest insult to the nation.

It is now not surprising that the diabolic grouping called DPP tried every trick in the box to thwart the fresh presidential election. First on my mind, comes the former Malawi Electoral Commission(Mec) Chairperson Jane Ansah. Ansah, I am told she is a bishop at some church. Ansah owes this nation an apology and must be ashamed of working so hard to shield a grouping of thieves. I am not sure what faith she professes but she must seek forgiveness.

And when you come to think that there are some women, suspected to have been high on dagga, who went about in an embarrassing teary show of inanity to defend Ansah, you start believing that we have cartoons amongst us.

That said let us, as a nation, be vigilant to clean every nook and crevice of the nation. The dubious sale of MSB, Zameer Karim’s K145 million deal, shady deals at Beam Trust, the Maharaj life of Peter Mutharika’s wife, Getrude and his son, the K35, 000 chicken deal, the K75, 000 golf shirts deal, K45, 000 for one Samoosa fraud must only be the beginning.

The image that I have for Malawi is that of a young girl who has been raped, bruised and left bleeding in her torn dress while the rapist leaves smiling with glee.

We must not allow criminals to go away with what they did to Malawi. Think of the families of Issa Njauju, Robert Chasowa and the trauma of the women raped at Msundwe. Think of those who are learning under trees and those who cannot even afford a meal yet someone, somewhere is busy stashing billions of Kwacha for themselves, their wives, concubines and children.

Malawi has had enough.

Earlier, I had opined that Peter Mutharika is one of Malawi’s greatest mistakes. The guy has never been Malawian. I always try to understand how some Malawians can still claim sanity after voting for a certified and nonchalant failure, who looked away when colleges wasted a year in what was called the Academic Freedom Fight. A man who was always in a trance due to old age, senility and congenital inanity.

I disagree with those who think that Peter was a good president but surrounded by bad people. Actually, my take is that Peter was on the fore of all that looting and he championed it. To say it as it is, Peter Mutharika’s contribution to this country, apart from laying foundation stones, was to build a citadel of evil.

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