Clergy tear into parties


Zomba Theological College has started its 40 years anniversary celebrations with calls by senior clergy for unity among Malawians condemning tribalism, regionalism and nepotism.

The clergy tore into political parties in the country accusing them of dividing Malawians.

The celebrations started with prayers at Zomba CCAP Hall Thursday with Reverend Dr. Winston Kawale describing as unfortunate the differences in political affiliations, tribes and regions, which he said “have caused divisions being perpetuated by political leaders”.


Kawale challenged political leaders to deregister all political parties which he said are promoting tribalism and regionalism in the country.

“There are parties that promote regionalism, and tribalism. These parties should be deregistered because that is not what is reflecting on our aspirations as a nation.

“There are divisions even in the church. Jesus wants us to live in unity because he said I pray that you are one,” he said.


In an interview, Bishop Fanuel Magangani of the Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi said it was important for Malawians to work together for the good of the country.

He said Zomba Theological College champions unity in the country by training ministers of the word of God from diverse backgrounds.

He said no grouping should advance its selfish interests at the expense of the national good.

“The diversity should be our strength. If we go together we will achieve a lot as a nation. But if one individual or grouping wants to advance its interests, we cannot go far.

In everything, no matter how different we are, we need to go in unity,” he said.

Since 1977, the college has been producing ministers of the word of God for various churches in Malawi and abroad.

College Principal Reverend Dr. Takuze Chitsulo said the commemorations are very significant as the country reflects on the immense contributions the college has made.

He said although the college has been struggling financially, it has been producing ministers of the word of God each year.

“Our ministers have gone in all corners of the country and abroad. No one can say he has never heard the word of God from a graduate of this place.

“So, this is a significant event to us. Going forward, we have plans to turn the college into a fully-fledged university,” he said.

Since its inception, Zomba Theological College has produced 1,751 graduates, 1,184 have been serving in various churches.

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