Climate change comedian still stuck in Lilongwe


By Sam Banda Jnr:

Climate change comedian Mark Sampson has said he is excited to have held shows in the country, particularly in Lilongwe, but bemoaned his failure to hold shows in Blantyre due to breakdown of the Big Green Truck fuelled by recycled waste vegetable oil and solar power.

Sampson and his family have travelled to several countries in Africa as part of the Africa Clockwise initiative to talk about climate change and its effects.


Having been in the comedy world for years, Sampson, decided to use comedy to talk about issues of climate change.

“It’s been an exciting time in Malawi, we have been here for more than 50 days now. Malawi is a beautiful country with friendly people and it is truly the Warm Heart of Africa. I have managed to hold a couple of shows in Lilongwe and the reception has been very good,” Sampson said.

Africa Clockwise is the name of the epic journey the stand-up comedian is using with an aim of inspiring others to travel to Africa, think green and seize the day.


“With our ecological clock ticking, our mission is to investigate how Africa can show the world how to cope with climate change. The journey in the Big Green Truck is clockwise – both as a direction, and as an awareness, time now is crucial and all we need is to wake up and take proactive steps to prepare for an environmentally compromised future,” Sampson said.

Meeting him in the Big Green Truck in Lilongwe where the family has experienced a breakdown, Sampson, said: “I was supposed to hold performances in Blantyre but due to the breakdown, it has not been possible. I am looking forward to holding performances once we sort out the problem”.

The comedian was expected to hold two shows in Blantyre with the first at Jacaranda Cultural Centre and then Blantyre Sports Club but they were cancelled.

“At the moment I wouldn’t say when we will be in Blantyre because we have to work on the truck. We were testing it and we are hoping that things will work out,” he said.

Sampson said he was looking forward to doing more using comedy to sensitise people about climate change and that through their positive stories, they aim to challenge clichéd images of the overwhelming doom of global warming and the dark continent and to hold hands out across Africa spreading a message of connection and mutual support.

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