Club plans fundraising gigs


New Covid measures will help a grouping – Get Well Soon Club to hold more fundraising shows in order to raise K30 million for veteran musicians Sir Paul Banda and Isaac Liotcha who need medical attention.

One of the members of the club Charles Sinetre said the easing of the restrictions has made them explore more avenues to raise the money including holding concerts.

He said having several concerts would help them manage to raise the figure of K30 million.


“The K30 million is just an estimate but we are working with health experts who will guide us,” Sinetre said.

The group is also set to hold a virtual event on May 9 2021 targeting to partner Mikozi Network or Mibawa.

Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda on Tuesday announced the relaxation of the measures during a briefing on the pandemic.


The development is somehow good news to the creative industry which has been grounded in the absence of shows due to the measures which included a ban on gatherings of more than 50 people.

The new measures come into effect tomorrow after being gazetted.

Sir Paul Banda needs urgent medical attention as he has a heart and kidney problem while Liotcha has a condition known as osteoporosis which is to do with bones.

“All these conditions need urgent medical attention in top hospitals in the country or outside the country and so this will require more money. We just want to call upon people to join us in this cause so that the two can access treatment,” another member of the club Coss Chiwalo said.

Get Well Soon Club has since created an FDH account where well-wishers can deposit the money.

“We are happy that people have already started depositing money into the account. The account number is FDH Bank Account Name: Get Well Soon Club, Account Number 1230000176191, Balaka Branch. We also have Airtel and Mpamba accounts on the following numbers 0999196912 and 0882236082 respectively,” Sinetre said.

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