Coca-Cola to recycle all packaging by 2030


Coca-Cola has announced a pledge to recycle a used bottle or can for every one the company sells by 2030.
Calling it a “massive global ambition”, the firm admitted its part in littering the environment and a responsibility to tackle the problem.
The company, which markets 500 brands of fizzy drinks, juices and water, will also work towards making all of its packaging recyclable worldwide.
Greenpeace said Coca- Cola should focus on reducing, not recycling, waste.
Coca-Cola announced its “World Without Waste” campaign by acknowledging that food and drink companies were responsible for much of the rise in litter on streets, beaches and in the oceans worldwide.
The firm also said it subscribed to the idea of a “circular economy” where resources such as aluminium, plastic and glass are re-used rather than disposed of.
As well as the well-known Coke brand, the firm markets dozens of other juices, sodas and teas including Fanta, Schweppes, Smartwater and Appletiser.
The firm said it was working to increase the recycled content in the materials it uses to make its drink bottles, developing plant-based resins and reducing the plastics used in packaging. It will also invest in educating consumers on best recycling practices in their community, the firm said.
Greenpeace welcomed Coca-Cola’s move to increase the amount of recycled content in plastic bottles from “a paltry seven percent to 50 percent by 2030, but the campaign group said it was unambitious compared to a commitment from Coke UK to do that by 2020.
The UK government is considering introducing a deposit scheme on bottles of plastic drinks.
Coca-Cola’s announcement made no mention of deposit schemes but, in the past, the UK arm of the company has said it would support the idea as long as the scheme was UK-wide.—BBC

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