College girls are being abused, the nation just watching


The Crew has observed that there is something happening in our society that our eyes and those of the responsible officials are blind to.

And it is especially sad when government, our own government, which is run by the money we all pay in form of tax – and it’s hard earned money, mind you – decide [government] to pay a blind eye to this problem. Where is the Ministry of Education? Where is the Ministry of Social Welfare [because some of these girl students are just children]?

These students, who now overflow the existing public [and also private] universities to the point that they cannot be accommodated on campus; are being exposed to ills of our society, topping the agenda is the world of dating sugar daddies and prostitution


Go around the townships where these girls stay in their self-boarding facilities – one of them is Kamba, downtown Blantyre, and see how these young girls’ patrons drinking joints. Some go there at the pretext of eating cheap food such as locally flied chips [you cannot call it French flies, no], and some eat kanyenya [roast beef], around the drinking joints. They don’t go to eat these type of cheap foods because they want, but really they cannot afford to buy proper food – some come from very poor families, and they can even tell you in the face that they are even thankful they can manage to rent a bed at a little more than K10, 000- per month, in these townships.

This is the more reason that as a Crew, we are very concerned. And we have been blessed with the patronage of some longtime friend of us, Gift, or ‘A Gitso’, Kamzingeni, one of the famous town fellas.

As we hang out at this other local joint, down Zingwangwa, at a place famed for vehicle repairs, a garage owned by one Joe, he also call himself a Mr. Kay, or in real terms, Kaiyatsa.


But the joint is another talk. It is the legendary pub run by Rhoda Mphande, one of the locals.

But all of us share the concern of these college students, of course both boys and girls. They are being abused left right and centre – maybe the boys are better off than the ‘girl children’.

These pot-bellied men around town are the worst prey. They date these young girls in exchange of proper French flies [those that come in branded packs], pizzas and such stuff the girls like. But, at the end of it all, there are too many pregnancies and abortions; the girls’ future being ruined big time.

Of course the men of town involved may argue that it is actually some of the girls that propose them; but to the Crew that is nonsense, considering these girls are young and must be treated as such – it is only that these days girls as young as 14 or 15 can make it to the university.

“So, just because they are needy college young students, should it be licence enough for old men and working class middle age guys to entice them in these illicit affairs? Akufuna kutiphera ana, chiyani?” sums up ‘Atsogoleri’ Rob M.

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