Communities urged to preserve environment


AGRICULTURE experts have said there is need to understand the link between health of the planet and the health prosperity of people in order to manage natural resources.

This was said in Zomba o n Tuesday during a dissemination seminar on Attaining Sustainable Services from Ecosystems through Trade off-scenarios. (Assets)

Speaking at the meeting, Chairperson for Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Joseph Chidanti-Malunga, said there is need to bring together expertise on ecosystem services and agriculture to improve food security as well as manage natural resources in the country.


He said that majority o f Malawians depend on their environment for multiple ecosystem services that underpin their livelihoods,atural resources.

Speaking at the meeting, chairperson of the programme steering committee for the just ended Lake Chilwa Basin Climate Change Adaptation Programme (LCBCCAP),Yanila Ntupanyama, said the programme managed to build social and ecological resilience in the Lake Chilwa basin in climate change context.

“This has been achieved through different interventions that have enhanced ecosystem resilience, social resilience as well as monitoring the resources in the communities,’’ Ntupanyama said.


She added that management of land, water and living resources while promoting conservation and sustainable use is a key in agriculture production.

“This is why agriculture and natural resources must work together as they depend on each other in terms of enhanced soil fertility and energy supply,’’ she said.

Leadership for Environment and Development Programme Coordinator, Sostain Chiotha, said Malawi government’s development agenda and programmes are aimed at improving people’s social economic status through enhanced food and nutrition status to ensure sustainable natural resources and climate change management.

“We have noticed a decline in dependence on food from the forest due to reduced size but we still have the very poorest in the communities that are still depending on natural resources for their food security and nutrition,’’ Chiotha said.

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