Computer Cross Talk: Forward thinking 2016


I love books. The crinkling of pages and the smell of new paper books stimulate me a great deal.

Books like Steve Jobs by Walter Issaacson, The world is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman and David A. Vise’s The Google Story will ever remain part of my cherished small library.

As much as this is the case, I have to realise that the world is not the same anymore.


Technology dictates that I have to give up some of my tastes; and I am really trying. Instead of flipping pages of real books now I have scroll up and down through pages of eBooks.

I have been able to collect more e-books in much shorter time and they are many times cheaper as well.

There are many people in this country that love the sound of an ATM vomiting money.


Why do I say that? You may be asking.

The answer is that I see many people queue by the ATMs. These people normally encash at ATMs within the premises of shopping malls and thereafter use the cash to pay for their shopping. And what is wrong with that?

Read on.

Most of our banks issue debit/ATM cards.

These cards can be used to make purchases in many stores. All you need to do is present your card to cashier who will swipe it through some ugly looking machine and behold your bank account will be debited with the equivalence of your shopping.

It about time we discarded the old adage that cash is king. In today’s world you look more modern when you use plastic money.

Banking halls remain congested amidst technological innovations our banks have gone through. Take National Bank customers for example.

They do not have to visit any banking hall to draw cash and deposit into somebody’s account held by any bank in this country.

They only need to fire up MO 626 application from a mobile phone and transferring the funds.

Banks and plastic money dealers like TNM Mpamba, AirTel Money and Zoona make it possible for people to pay for utility bills using mobile phone apps. The reality, however is that the utility pay points remain ever crowded.

People that smell cash are attractive.

The problem is that sometimes cash can attract the wrong people who can endanger your life.

When you use plastic money, you transfer the risk to the banks; and banks are masters of that field.

As we cross over to 2016, it is about time we started embracing technology available to us.

The thing is that a tree that falls in forest does not make noise if there is nobody to hear it.

We are past an age where pastors who read bibles from iPads are considered brags.

Technology is beautiful and makes life easier.

You need not know that the book of Malachi is in the Old Testament in order to locate it.

I wish all the leaders of this column a fantastic 2016. Should I cross over, let us meet there!

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