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We now live in a world where people are so anxious about health issues.

Having munched maize for the last fifty years, I am now reliably informed that corn is bad for my health; it is responsible for raging diabetes in this country. Much as I do not have the technical know-how to challenge that, I am surprised this is sprouting now when there is scarcity of the grain.

And there is the need for us to drink so much of water per days so that the liver forms a river that drains waste from our system. Agreeably, we also need to exercise and avoid sleep deprivation. But what is the measuring rod for enough exercise and sleep? Technology has so much of the measuring rods; one such, Microsoft Band 2 recently aroused my techie instincts.


The Microsoft Band has eleven sensors: optical heart rate, gyro meter, GPS, ambient light, skin temperature, UV, capacitive, galvanic skin response, Microphone and barometer. This wearable tracks your heart rate, steps, stairs climbed and the calories you burn.

If you have been following Donald Trump’s nomination battles, you might have heard the psychology therapist who had suggested that Donald’s unpredictable behavior is a symptom of sleep deprivation. You only have to read his book “The Art of the Deal” to know that Trump only requires four hours of sleep each day.

The quality of sleep is as important as the amount. Microsoft Band 2 measures sleep quality. What is the point of having an eight-hour sleep where you turn and twist as you fight Manny Pacquiao and Mike Tyson demons in your dreams?


Through Bluetooth 4.0 (low energy), the Microsoft band 2 talks to Windows 8.1 phone, iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxies or any Android 4.4 phone. Using that Technology, the band alerts you of incoming emails right on your wrist. It stays in sync with your calendar, reminding you of your important events.

If you use a bike to do your exercises, the band uses a phones app to engage GPS and display a map of your route. That is critical if you are not familiar with the locality.

The Gizmo comes with a USB charger. When fully charged, the band lasts 48 hours of usage. GPS sucks a lot of its power and impacts battery performance.

Depending on your wrist size, there are three types of the Microsoft Band 2 to choose from: small (5.7in – 6.5 in), medium (6.3 in – 7.5 in) and large (7.3in – 8.3 in).

How much does it cost? Before, you needed to shell out K 174,993 but now you only need to fork out K 122,493. These prices are straight from Microsoft website, you may have to factor in margins and freight charges of your supplier.

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