Computer systems that think


Computer chips are way more powerful and complicated than they were some years back. Scientists and technologists are continuously finding ways to arrange transistors in computer processors to ‘copycat’ neurons of the human brain.

While apps of old were basically errands that smart humans like Bill Gates sent out computers to do, todays apps are continually tools that give the computer room and impetus to think on their own. Ever heard the term, Artificial Intelligence (AI)? That jabber is close to what AI is in English.

Cortana on or your Windows Phone or its Apple cousin, Siri, will probably in the future require an explanation before you will be allowed to put your phone on silent. The apps will then proceed to create a WhatsApp message to would-be callers informing them exactly why you won’t be able to pick the phone.


Netradyne is a technology company based in Bengaluru India and San Diego in the USA. It was formed in July 2016, by two former Qualcomm employees: president for India and South Asia, Avneesh Agrawal, and David Julian, a former Qualcomm principal engineer.

With $16 million funding, the company has Driveri artificial-intelligent road accident analyser ready for use.

The soap-bar-sized device packs four high definition cameras and is attached to the rear, view mirror and rests inside of the windscreen pointing towards the road. The device generates 360 degrees footage of the vehicle’s path.


Driveri has a global positioning system, a gyroscope and accelerometer. It uses LTE internet powered by NVidia processor (the same used in iPhone 5). The unit captures visuals of the car’s surroundings, analyses driving patterns and stores the data on a cloud platform.

Using machine learning software algorithms, Driveri analyses the entire scene in front of the car taking note of traffic lights, stop signs, objects in its course, distance to every other vehicle, relative speeds and direction. In short, Driveri watches the driver.

A remote computer loaded with Driveri artificial intelligence software picks up the data generated and without human intervention, determines whether the driver is over speeding or driving rashly, drowsy, drunk, or taking multiple halts along the route.

In the event of an accident, the Driveri system automatically sends out a real-time alert to the fleet operator.

After testing the product for 750,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers), Driveri was launched on the USA market last March. Load One, a mid-sized cargo company with 350 truck-fleet is the first customer. The company is currently, pitching to parents of teenage drivers and insurance companies.

Insurance companies can use the data to assist in accident investigations and as a yardstick for more accurate premium allocations.

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