Concerns over discrepancies in pension money


Retired civil servants have decried discrepancies in the calculation of pension money in the country.

The discrepancies arise from the fact that the government is using three different systems in the calculation of the pension which some retired civil servants say is unfair and discriminatory.

Civil servants who retired in 2002 going backwards are getting half of their basic salary as pension.


Their colleagues who retired between 2004 and 2015 are getting half of their gross salary while those who are retiring from 2015 are getting full salary tax-free as pension.

One of the retired civil servants, a teacher, who did not want to be named said the discrepancies are unfair, discriminatory and unbearable.

The teacher retired in 2002 on PT2 grade which is equivalent to grade J in the civil service salary structure.


Using the half basic salary system, she gets about K19,000 as pension but her colleagues who are retiring after 2015 on the same level, are getting over K100,000 using the new full salary tax-free system.

“This is painful and unfair. What it means is that civil servants who are retiring after 2015 are even getting more than what they were getting while in the service. The government should standardise the systems because we all worked for the same government,” she said.

Treasury Spokesperson, Alfred Kutengule, confirmed the development.

He said the government is indeed using different systems in calculation of pensions and the Treasury has been receiving complaints on the same.

Kutengule said the matter was also discussed at length during the 2017/2018 budget consultative meetings and the government is looking for ways to address the problem.

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