Congoma against imposing of development priorities

Kossamu Munthali

By Wezzie Gausi:

Council for Non- Governmental Organisations in Malawi (Congoma) has expressed concern that some development partners and international non-governmental organisations are still imposing their priorities on poor countries.

Congoma chairperson Kossamu Munthali said Malawi adopted the localisation agenda with the aim of satisfying local interests.


Munthali said the agenda is a movement and principle for the country’s social and economic re-organisation.

“The ultimate goal of the agenda is that it should benefit locals first and foremost. But what is happening is sad and suspicious, and should not be condoned. Localisation is here to stay and the earlier it is accepted, the better.

“We are therefore calling on all development players, be it the government, development partners, civil society and the private sector to rally behind the localisation agenda which is here to stay,” he said.


He said the localisation agenda is very relevant and beneficial to Malawi and is in line with the Malawi 2063 agenda.

“The agenda also complies with provisions in the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi, the NGO Act and the Grand Bargain Agreement. All these have values of empowering locals and giving them a say in what concerns them,” Munthali said.

He said Congoma remains committed to working with the government in coordinating NGOs for realisation of Malawi’s development agenda.

However, Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation Executive Director Michael Kaiyatsa spoke of the need for the country to put its house in order before pointing fingers at the international NGOs.

“There are many undesirable elements in Malawi that prompted the donor community to have their money channeled directly towards their targeted developments.

“In as much as we do not want to be controlled in our bid to become as localised as possible, we also need to take stock of what we are not doing well and make some amends,” he said.

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