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By Patrick Achitabwino:

We are quick at giving our opinions to the degree that at times we wean our ears from listening to others; we blind ourselves to the realities of the world; we get stuck in the comforting world of our egoism. Humans are always in a silent battle for recognition, strength, fame, praise and loyalty to the extent that we live under the illusion that what we think and believe in, everybody else has to think and believe in it too without reservations.

Pause for a moment and reflect on what H. Jackson Brown Jr said: “Every person that you meet knows something you don’t, learn from them.” All that you have become, all that you have attained has been as a result of taking time to listen to lessons others offered. Your intelligence has been ignited by others. Your wisdom has been shaped by others.


Even the way you think has a direct reference to the people you have met in life, the books you have studied, the interactions you have had in class or seminars or conferences or even at social gatherings. You become what you are as a result of the people you have met in life.

Every day you wake up, tell yourself that you will give any person you meet on the way the ultimate attention. Remember that the mind is like an umbrella, it functions well when it is open. Be open to learning from others, and be ready to re-examine your thinking in the light of the views of others. No human has the monopoly of wisdom and even the considered to be wisest people have flaws that are corrected by others.

Connect with people, they are your greatest source of innovation, motivation, entrepreneurship, and greater academic accomplishments. Nothing is achieved solo. Even those that are involved in individual sporting activities, at least have a coach. Remember, people that coached the likes of Usain Bolt had never won a gold medal in their lives but were able to produce stars that won gold at the Olympics.


John Andrew Holmes Jr was right: “It is well to remember that the entire population of the universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others.”

The art of connection is not a simple thing. As Brendon Burchard observed in the book entitled ‘The charge’, the problem is that as much as we want to connect with others, we also want to exert our will on the world and our relationships. That is where conflict comes into play – the euphoria of connecting with others often spirals into the bitterness of conflict. Naturally, we all have values and viewpoints that we feel are important. When someone questions what we find to be most important or how we see things, though, we get defensive.”

But it is possible to establish and maintain fruitful connections. We just need to learn to understand and communicate our own needs for independence while in interdependent relationships.

Burchard is more practical in this regard: “May be we should all learn how to honour each other’s individuality as we become closer to each other. After all, almost all the things that get us into trouble in our relationships—criticism, defensiveness, competition, harsh disagreements—stem from a lack of understanding, acceptance, or validation of each other’s uniqueness and individuality.”

You will notice that people that crave to be always understood have problems understanding the viewpoints of others. People that criticise, do so most based on their ego as they can hardly appreciate anything positive in others and have the belief that only their model of thinking is right.

It is an irrefutable fact that anything you do will surely require that you are connected with people. As a leader, to advance the strategic direction you are pointing your people or corporate entity, you need to connect with your people so that they share and believe in the direction you are pointing them to. If you are an entrepreneur, you need to connect your products and services with the people or else there will be no business. Most great leaders fall when they fail to connect with people. To be successful, master the art of connecting with people.

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