Contraceptive supply normalises


By Jameson Chauluka:

TO GET SUPPLIES—Flood survivors

Supply of contraceptives has normalised after Beira Port in Mozambique started operating, weeks after Cyclone Idai disrupted its operations.

Ministry of Health, in a statement which spokesperson Joshua Malango signed on Tuesday, says the development is uplifting to healthcare service providers in the country.


“We are pleased to inform the nation that the port of Beira is now in operation, and contraceptives are continuously arriving in the country since last week. So far, we have received Sayana press 912000 vials, Depo 1,000,000 Vials, Jadelle 84600, Levoplant 49386 and additional 10,000 dignity kits are being distributed throughout this week,” the statement reads.

It says efforts are being made to reach out to those affected by floods.

“The ministry is working with Dodma [Department of Disaster Management Affairs], non-State actors and development partners to ensure that camps and health facilities are supplied with sexual and reproductive commodities including sanitary pads. Government has placed rapid response teams in the camps to ensure that there is 24-hour access to care,” reads the statement.


The statement adds that the government and its partners would continue to procure commodities to ensure that women and girls have access to such products.

It, however, says there is need for more resources and commodities.

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