Course maintenance during competition- Part 2


Another instance of when a stroke-play round should be declared null and void is if one or more holes were relocated and/or tee-markers moved after some competitors had played the hole.

However, when it is impossible for a hole damaged during a round to be repaired, so that it conforms to the definition, the committee may, in exceptional circumstances, make a new hole in a nearby similar position, Exception to Rule 33-2b.

Also, in exceptional circumstances, where there is casual water covering a teeing ground and it is impossible to satisfactorily remove it, a committee may relocate it, providing this can be done without giving any competitor an undue advantage, or disadvantage, Decision 25-1b/4.


On a related matter, I am aware that many clubs in Malawi run a single round competition on more than one day and there is sometimes confusion as to whether the holes and teeing grounds have to be retained in the same position, for the competition to be played within the Rules of Golf.

A Note to Rule 33-2b states;

Where a single round is to be played on more than one day, the committee may provide, in the conditions of a competition (Rule 33-1), that the holes and teeing grounds may be differently situated on each day of the competition, provided that, on any one day, all competitors play with each hole and each teeing ground in the same position.


Finally, many of us have experienced a situation where our ball in motion was deflected off a maintenance vehicle, or other course equipment, whether stationary or moving.

The ruling is the same as when a ball is deflected by any other outside agency, it is a ‘rub of the green’ and the ball has to be played as it lies. If it is deflected out of bounds the player must play proceed under penalty of stroke and distance.

NOTE:The author is a R&A Certified Tournament Administrator and Referee. He is also a Teaching Professional and a member of the Professional Golf Association of South Africa. For feedback, or call 0888 346 510.

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