Craving transformative leadership in Malawi


Mudzukulu, it has been said many times, the quality of life and success of a nation depends on the quality of its leaders’ visions.
Whenever a nation lacks visionary or transformatrive leadership, it cannot escape national stagnation and deterioration, underdevelopment and impoverishment—the nation and the people cannot prosper, they are at the mercy of all manner of tribulations and exploitations.
Simply put, mdzukulu, it is all doom and gloom for the country and the people, the glue and bonds of nationhood are weak and fragile and the people and the nation have no destiny.
But visionary and transformative leaders cherish the capacity to influence others through inspiration that is generated by their passion and commitment, motivated by a vision and values anchored on unswerving conviction(s) supported by an irresistible need and desire to actualise the vision(s).
Visionary and transformative leadership is the key to a prosperous nation and the missing key in this country’s affairs.
Mdzukulu, for some time now, there have been incessant calls for visionary and transformative leadership in this country.
The calls for visionary and transformative are an acknowledgement that the country does not have such type of leadership.
You remember, during the May 2014 tripartite elections, the calls for visionary and transformative leadership became pronounced.
Unfortunately, mdzukulu, despite the calls, there does not seem to be any understanding on what transformative leadership is all about by President Peter Mutharika’s adminstartion and majority of Malawians.
And with such insufficient understanding of the concept of visionary leadership, the result is that he term transformative leadership is now just another empty slogan carrying nothing beyond itself in this country.
It should be known to Mutharika and his faithful that a leader is called a leader because he leads, especially by being in the forefront of the followers or settling examples but not through empty speeches, slogans and political road shows.
But, mdzukulu, Malawians are so disappointed with the mediocre performance of Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) that they are calling for transformative leadership.
What really gets Malawians despondent is the fact that the very people in whose hands they have entrusted their affairs are in the forefront of perpetrating mediocrity.
To fortify their cult status, generated from one’s ego, a naïve populace and fraudulent public institutions, Mutharika and DPP have exercised propaganda that is anathema to visionary leadership.
Mdzuku, you and I, and perhaps many there, could presume that the talk of transformative leadership hinges on that kind of leadership that inspires and brings about change, a leadership that brings about something pretty new, that takes society to new heights, breaking barriers and leading society in getting out of the metaphorical out-of-the-box scenarios – but not with Mutharika and DPP.
Not only during the official opening of the 29th Malawi International Trade Fair yesterday at Chichiri Trade Fair Grounds in Blantyre and thereafter foolhardy blue parades but during multifarious functions of late the President is fast enjoying the delirium of DPP cadets ululations and cheering to decorate his propaganda and ineloquence.
Now, mdzukulu, Malawi is a very youthful country.
In fact, our major worry, unlike other countries, is a large unemployed and unemployable youth population that is already a major social problem.
But instead of channelling the country’s youthful energies into something productive and meaningful, the President and DPP decide to abuse these idling youths and enjoy their naivety of blocking highways or roads in political road shows.
These youths need to be assisted to grow and mature into responsible persons for now and the future not being abused like that. Malawi craves transformative leadership.

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