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By Patrick Achitabwino:

Look at your life in this way: I am an actor on the world stage. Simply that is what life is. All you are doing in your life is giving a performance. Success only comes when you give a memorable experience.

Be it that you are a corporate executive, entrepreneur, sporting icon, writer, musician or whatever you are, the bottom line remains the same – you are on the world stage and your success will be enveloped in how best you perform on that stage.


All the work you are doing, all the dreams that you are hatching, all the strategies that you are putting in place are centred at one thing – exciting the other person. Your legacy will ever be kept alive through the performance you give other person.

Truth be told, you and me are living in the world that has fierce competition. You and I are not the only people offering the product or service on the grand world stage. To resonate with the people and excel requires doing things differently.

To be a great performer do the opposite of what most people do. Look at the service other people are offering and go an extra mile in providing it. That is the performance that will differentiate you on the crowded market.


Consider the Commerce Bank philosophy – you call us on the phone, and we need to transfer you to another department, the agent does not just hit the button. He or she keeps you on the phone, gets the right person on the line with you, says, ‘Joanne, I have Jim on the line, and here’s what he needs help with, ‘and only then does the agent click off. That is what Commerce Bank calls a warm transfer.

People will not come to you for guidance just because you have the knowledge; they will come to you because you accord them knowledge in a special that that relates to their lives. People will not listen to your ideas because you have the ideas; they will listen to them when you deliver them in a way so special like no other.

People will not just follow you because you are a leader; people will follow you because your leadership is exceptional, visionary and poised to make a difference.

Think of the great speakers you remember the most. You often do not remember what they said; you remember how they made you feel. In everything you do, how do you make people feel? How do you make your superiors feel when they accord you an assignment? Do you perform to the extent that every time they have a pressing assignment they consider you the first person to refer it to?

Consider the world of sports. Though a team comprises of several individuals, spectators always expect some amazing performance from some individuals within the team. The fact is simple. Such individuals go beyond the extra mile; they perform differently; they carry the weight of people’s expectations with great honour and sacrifice.

Reach that peculiar level in life. In your world stage, be the difference maker. You do not need a different skill; just utilise the same skills you have to perform differently. You do not need to change the company you are working for; you can become the beacon of progress in the same company you are working for.

On the grand world stage, become a brand. It is worth emphasising that the foundation of the brand is psychological contract. This is what Dan Levitan, the onetime investment banker who honchoed the Starbucks IPO in 1992 calls ‘the contract between a company and its employees and between those employees and their customers. Great consumer companies are built on genuine passion.’

Create the passion and you will deliver a memorable experience.

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