Creatives4 Christ drops first live session


Creatives4 Christ, an organisation that provides creative spaces to young Christian artists, has released its first live session which people can access on its online platforms including YouTube.

The organisation’s founder Priscilla Mhango said last weekend that they were happy to have finally released their first live session having worked so hard.

“We have always wanted to be doing live recording projects where people can enjoy these live sessions. But we could not do that earlier because of Covid-19 pandemic,” Mhango said.


Mhango, who is also an event organiser and has worked with a number of festivals in the country, said they thought of doing a virtual session.

“We are happy that we have finally done it, we have a compilation of three songs – one an original and the other are hymns,” she said.

The songs that they have done in the live session are ‘Tathokoza’, ‘Chiuta Linga Lithu’, and Chikondano’.


“We hope people will enjoy the session just as we have enjoyed working on it. People should support us,” Mhango said.

She said as someone, who is passionate about art, she thought it wise to create the organisation to help propel arts in the country.

“It pained me to see talented artists out there failing to make progress with their talents. Through this organisation, we are trying to bring these artists together so that they grow their talents and share ideas, and reach their desired audience,” Mhango said.

Creatives4 Christ was launched in July 2018.

“This year we are celebrating our second anniversary and we look at all the arts disciplines and we are happy that since we started, members have grown their talent and are doing amazing things,” she said.

The organisation’s music director Daniel Khoviwa, said there was a lot of potential for growth.

“The group is growing and we are excited with the direction we have taken,” Khoviwa, a Music Crossroads Malawi graduate, said.

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