Crispin Moliyati eyes Salimu Chazama belt


Once beaten, twice shy. Boxer Crispin Moliyati has vowed to set the record straight by bringing down holder, Salimu Chazama, during a national lightweight championship title fight on March 6.

In the forthcoming fight at Lilongwe Community Ground, Moliyati wants to claim the title which he surrendered to Chazama during the then vacant title contest in December in Blantyre.

“I know him better than he knows me. I know how to bring him down. I have been working hard in training and I feel I am in good shape,” said Moliyati, who has a single win in three fights against Chazama, who won two.


Chazama has since issued a warning to Moliyati that he would not relinquish the title easily during the double header.

“I did not win it on a silver platter. I worked hard for it. He may think he is ready for me, but I am more prepared than him. I will not lose this belt. I will fight for it with all my heart,” he said.

In another contest, Limbani Masamba will seek to defend his national super welterweight championship against Chikondi Makawa.


White Belt and No Pain No Gain will host the bouts, which will cost them K2.5 million.

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