Cronyism in government buss irks MCCCI


By Taonga Sabola:

The Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) has expressed outrage over the government’s tendency to give business to a few firms linked to political authorities.

MCCCI President, Prince Kapondamgaga, made the observation on Friday during the MCCCI 2019 general meeting.


Kapondamgaga said that is why the performance of the Malawi economy has continued to tumble.

“One of the major challenges cited by most potential members was concentration of government contracts in few companies who are linked to authorities. This is what is known as cronyism.

“Unfortunately, this corrupt practice, in 2018, denied genuine companies the chance of getting business, and promoted inefficiencies in this economy as the work was usually not given to the best qualified companies,” he said.


Kapondamgaga could, however, not single out some of the firms that have enjoyed a lion’s share of government business due to their political cronyism.

He added that, for the past five years, MCCCI has attempted, with no success, to meet President Peter Mutharika on these and other issues affecting private sector growth in Malawi.

“This was an agenda item that had been brought forward from 2015. The only time that the business community was able to secure such a high level appointment was in December 2014.

“Unfortunately, we could not be granted such an appointment for reasons that we do not understand, considering that we are the revenue generators for the government,” he said.

State House Press Secretary, Mgeme Kalirani, could not respond to the outburst when contacted Monday.

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