CSO wants more action on cervical cancer fight

Early screening remains key

The Women’s Coalition against Cancer (Wocaca) has emphasised the need for stakeholders to work together to ensure that women and girls have more access to cervical cancer services in Malawi.

Wocaca Executive Director Maud Mwakasungula said in a statement that early screening remains key if Malawi is to effectively deal with cervical cancer.

The organisation is currently implementing a project which will increase access to quality cervical cancer services in the country by among other things increasing awareness about the condition among women and girls living in rural areas particularly in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Kabudula in Lilongwe.


The one-year project is being implemented with a $43,455 grant from Amplify change.

“Part of the initiative is to enhance the capacity of duty-bearers to advocate for better and quality cancer services such as increased access to quality cervical cancer screening and treatment services because early detection remains one of the most important elements in the fight against the condition,” Mwakasungula said.

Mwakasungula also said that there is need to encourage more women to undergo cervical cancer screening to win the battle against the disease.


“Most times women, especially those in rural areas, don’t even know about cervical cancer which makes initiatives to civic educate them on this disease and how they can fight it more important now than ever before,” Mwakasungula said.

Wocaca was established by women and girls who are directly and indirectly affected by cancer.

Cancer, especially that of the reproductive system, is among Malawi’s leading causes of death among women and girls.

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