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Dan Lu’s music takes fifth step

TELLING A STORY — Another scene in the latest single

Dan Lufani has come a long way to make a name in musical circles and while he has enjoyed the moments; producing one album after the other, he has also had to experience different challenges.

Music to him is something he has always loved since he was young and is all but thankful to God for giving him the talent.

Sometimes you may have the talent and then fail to use it rightfully but Dan Lu believes he has managed to come out and use the talent that God gave him perfectly.


With albums such as Part of Life, So What? and Sorry, Dan Lu has made himself a name and a brand, both local and international.

Recently the musician released a single titled ‘Everything Happens for a Reason’.

After its release, the song generated a lot of debate from people on social media as many thought he was trying to seek sympathy, having been involved in politics.


Following the release of ‘Everything Happens for a Reason’, Dan Lu came out to tell people that as a boy coming from village called M’baluku in Mangochi District, he had a dream to be a star.

“It was not easy to be recognised by the whole nation but it took God’s grace to put me where I am today. With the love and support I have been able to shine and live my dream of doing music,” he said.

The musician has of late been involved in politics which has seen some people losing interest in his music.

But while he has been attached to Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), the musician insists that people will always differ in politics, religion and beliefs – but he will always do his music professionally.

“My music is not attached to any strings, music is my profession and I will always do it for the people. Politics is a different thing all together. We all have our own parties,” Dan Lu said.

The musician is determined to do more in his music career and believes he still has more fuel in the tank to journey to the next destination.

He has since said he is working on his fifth album to be launched in April 2021.

Dan Lu said his silence of late was because he lost his father, followed by his brother Hope – who he used to perform with in his Rockers Band.

“Losing a father still pains me and as I was still trying to get to grips with it, I lost my brother Hope. 2020 has been a painful year for me but only God knows why it had to happen,” he said.

On his fifth project Game Changer, the ‘Shupie’ and ‘Part of Life’ creator said the album is ready and that before it hits the market, people will get to sample a number of singles.

“I am just polishing up some of the songs but the album is 90 percent done and I am looking forward to giving people the best in this collection. I would have made progress but Covid-19 pandemic affected the project,” he said.

From the title itself Game Changer, the musician has given himself a tall order as people will be looking at nothing but a collection of songs that would really stand out and change the game.

“I would not want to say much about the album but people will judge on their own as to whether the album truly fits to be called Game Changer. But for me this is game changer,” he said.

Dan Lu said the long break that musicians have experienced due to the pandemic, gave him ample time to compose other songs.

“I have a studio and I have been spending much of my time there perfecting some songs. But to say the truth, artists have really felt the pain with the pandemic especially where we could not hold shows. Praise God that things are now starting to open up,” he said.

Dan Lu has also released another single titled ‘Chakalaka’.

“‘Chakalaka’ is on the market and now people should look forward to the video. I am remaining with three singles which I will drop before having the album on the market,” he said.

He said ‘Chakalaka’ has been produced by Tricky Beats with the video shot by Ubwino.

The song talks about a man who has dated many women but eventually ends up finding the right one, who he believes has all the attributes of a ‘good woman’ and thus would want to settle down with her.

He who finds a woman has found a good thing and so, by finding the right woman, the man cannot hold it all but wants to spoil the woman.

“This is the message in the song and the message is basically all about love,” Dan Lu said.

The musician has tackled several issues in his songs but he has also not skipped love.

“Apart from ‘Chakalaka’, and Everything Happens for a Reason’, there are other songs I have released which will be part of this album, there are songs such as ‘Village Champion’, and ‘Akumva Pain’, so it’s a good package for sure,” he said.

On his band Rockers which has not been active, Dan Lu, said it is intact.

“This is a band which will always be there even when I am not there,” he said.

On whether he has done enough to have his music penetrate the international platform, Dan Lu said he has tried but is quick to say that he has more room for improvement.

“The future is bright in music for me and all other musicians who are passionate about music. What we need to do is to keep on doing our best. I am happy with the progress because a lot of musicians today are getting their music to international platforms such as Channel O, something which was difficult in the past years,” the musician said.

He said he is also looking at collaborating with more international acts as part of broadening his network.

“2020 as I indicated has been a difficult year for artists especially where shows that give us bread and butter on the table could not be held due to Covid-19 pandemic. I am targeting doing more shows but also at the same time looking at performing in other countries. For instance, we have already secured some shows in November 2020,” Dan Lu said.

Having collaborated with artists such as Nigeria’s K-cee in the song ‘Sweet Banana’, Dan Lu said he was not done yet and would want to network with other top artists in the African continent.

“This helps especially in reaching out to audiences in other countries, working with K-cee has had the ‘Sweet Banana’ song listened to by many people in Nigeria. So, we need these collaborations,” he said.

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