Data may fall from treetop


TNM’s 75 percent discounted 4 GB Yanga Bundle at K750 is perhaps a sign that data prices may be falling from tree-top.

TNM has the propensity to even sugar-coat it with additional free K150 talk-time and K150, twenty-four hour 50 MB bundle when you buy.

The 4 GB is, however, ‘perishable’, expires within two hours. To beat the trick, guzzle the data in chorus; surf on your smartphone while downloading stuff on your tethered PC or tablet. Use browsers like Chedot for accelerated downloading experience and chew the 4GB with insatiable gusto.


I am very certain that Airtel has something up its sleeves and, soon and very soon, there will be something similar from them; that is if there is none already; believe you me, there are times I don’t know about tech happenstance.

Both TNM and Airtel are making sure that our mobile experience is bliss. You can now dial*102# on a TNM number and opt out of promotional messaging. Airtel now asks you before pivoting to pay-as-you-go model when your internet bundle expires.

There are also innovations in the mobile banking tech. Some National Bank ATMs are now contactless-able. What that means is that you get to the ATM, point the chip on your ATM card towards the circle glow on the ATM and, behold, you will be logged in without inserting an ATM card.


This is not about 666 – conspirancy theories; it is wireless technology. You may now not need to replace your ATM cards as you frequently did before.

When you buy water or electricity tokens, there are times the token is not delivered despite your account being debited. Often the problem is not the utility company’s billing system. It is the SMC courier service.

The good news is that most utility companies have a remedy for this; a web portal. You log into this restricted website, usually with provided credentials after a registration process. Escom has one.

Ignore the registration prompt on the portal; go straight to tokens, fill meter number and behold like freed prisoners, tokens that were not delivered would show up.

Make sure that you do that before the utility tokens expire. They are not good forever, they expire. Why? Well, they are created that way.

And one more thing; a free hack tool; do you know that you can use one bundle for WhatsApp (regular) and WhatsApp Business one the same device with two SIM cards from two different mobile providers? You can. Try it now and thank me for later.

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