Daughters Band plans online show


Daughters Band which has been out of the limelight for some time has plans to hold an online show next month to connect with its fans.

The all-female band is based at Music Crossroads in Lilongwe.

The group’s manager Mphatso Chidothe, said Tuesday that the band has been undergoing massive rehearsals to tighten their performance and that they would also want to test themselves through the online show.


“As a band, we have missed the stage but we are coming out next month but with an online show since we can’t do live performances for now due to Covid-19 pandemic,” Chidothe said.

She said the band will continue in its exploits to show that women and girls have all what it takes to excel in music.

“This is a band which has female members playing instruments from drums to guitars, piano and other traditional instruments as well. The band has more members,” she said.


The band has had stints performing in different platforms such as Lake of Stars and Blantyre Arts festivals.

“We are looking forward to more opportunities and as indicated, the idea is to show that women can play instruments. Through Daughters Band, we want to empower fellow women and girls to show their talents and do them to their best,” Chidothe said.

With an Extended Playlist (EP) to their credit titled Ndine M’Malawi, the band has also recorded songs tackling various issues affecting the country.

“If all goes according to plan, we intend to hold the online show on August 7 2020. We actually have worked on three new songs,” Chidothe said.

The group last year also performed at the Music against Malaria Festival held at College of Medicine Complex in Blantyre where they shared the stage with artists such as Code Sangala, Annemarie Quinn, Lulu and Madalitso Band.

The band has members such as Phalyce Kumdana (bassist), Prosperia Ng’oma (lead guitar) and Chifundo Sandy (lead vocalist and percussionist).

Apart from Daughters Band, the other all-female band in the country is Krazy Colours also from Lilongwe.

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