Dawn is cracking


It is not what happens to you that matters. It is how you react to what happens to you that matters. Two people can be retrenched in an organisation.

They may end up taking different paths. One might even feel as if his or her life has no meaning at all. The other might consider it as a moment to restart his or her life. Any tough moment you are passing through is but the darkest hour signalling the cracking of dawn.

Do not despair that your business is underperforming. It is not the only business sailing through troubled waters. Some of the corporate entities you are seeing are worse off than your business.


They are behind on taxes remittance to the tax collecting body. They are even struggling to send money to pension fund managers despite having deducted from their employees.

The corporate executives in such companies keep zigzagging the streets in top range vehicles which in essence are owned by banks because of loans.

These companies are even struggling to pay suppliers. What you see on the outside is not what they are on the inside.


Technically, they are bankrupt.

In the midst of your business struggle, take time to see opportunities. Be fast and be quick to change the operation model. The worst challenges your business is going through are but signalling the dawn of business growth.

Nevertheless, it is you who can crack that dawn. That dawn can only crack when you decide to push more, work harder and seek more opportunities. Only you can crack the dawn.

Did you invest in soya, tobacco and other cash crops but the returns seem not to be promising? Do not lose heart. Probably what you are going through is a transformation process.

Probably life is telling you that it is time you start looking at other high value cash crops which can make a difference. Probably you went into soya and tobacco because you saw it lucrative from a distance.

Do not feel short-changed. It was necessary that you go through the practical aspects of farming so that you grow thick skin and make a great difference.

For some, you might have been attending one job interview after another. You have even come to the conclusion that you do not get the job because you are not connected.

That may not be the point. Sometimes, such failures are a blessing in disguise. There is a possibility that there is a talent you are underutilising which if explored, individually, can make you too successful. Change the perspective at which you are looking at yourself and that will see the cracking of the dawn.

In life, you have to be happy with what you are doing. If the work environment you are in is such that toxic, do not keep on squeezing yourself in it.

It stops your growth. It prunes your ability to be productive. It takes out creativity from your brain. Some environments are toxic as a silent means of showing you the exit door.

Sometimes you realise your true potential when you go through that exit door. That exit door is the cracking of the dawn.

Many people have lost opportunities to make a great difference in life because they feared to walk through the exit door when all the signs were clear that the working environment was retrogressive.

To crack the dawn, never be afraid to take risks. Remember this, there is no growth in the comfort zone. To crack the dawn, you have to be crazy with your ideas, push them on the market.

It may take time for the market to accept them but eventually a breakthrough shall come. Even when the worst comes to the worst, when it appears as if you are going nowhere; never give up. The reality is that you are progressing, one step at a time and it is such small steps that will take you to greatness.

Are your dreams sailing through the darkest night? Take heart, dawn is close and only you can crack the dawn.

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