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DC teams up with Coss Chiwalo, Sir Paul Banda

COLLABO—Sir Paul Banda (left), Piringu and Chiwalo

Mangochi District Commissioner Raphael Piringu has teamed up with veteran musicians Sir Paul Banda and Coss Chiwalo to release a single titled ‘Amayi ndi Ofunika’.

The song is one way of encouraging men to appreciate and support women in the country.

The track, which is almost six minutes long, says women have strong characters who can work hard.

“This song is dedicated to all the women in Malawi, Africa and the world. As mothers, they are dedicated and they persevere in a lot of things. I would like to urge all men to protect and support women in their respective societies,” Piringu said.

This is not the first time for Piringu to be involved in music as he has backed Sir Paul Banda in several performances and also features in some of his music videos.

In the song, Chiwalo sings about mothers, who sometimes head families to support and raise children, who become reliable citizens of the nation.

Sir Paul in the song, encourages men to always remember women for their selfless love towards generations.

The song has a tone of the musical style of Balaka music that was at its peak in the past years and is attached to several acts such as Alleluya Band.

“I am the writer and composer of the song. The idea is to remind the society that families can prosper if women are given a chance to contribute within families and various institutions. By appreciating and supporting women, we can improve our nation, churches and politics,” he said.

Piringu said he decided to release the song during the Mothers’ Day period so that people in the country can have a lot of time to relate the message in the song when visiting their mothers.

“For those who lost their mothers, I believe there is a woman in their village or next door whom they can appreciate. We need to give women a space and through arts we can teach children to appreciate the importance of women in our society,” Piringu said.

He said the music video for the song whose shooting has been completed will be released before October 15 which is Mother’s Day in Malawi.

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